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Custom Pet and wildlife art by McArtist


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About Me

My Background

I have always been interested in drawing but life seemed to get in the way. Now the children have grown up I find myself with more time to sit and create

My Medium


I only use the highest quality coloured pencil and pastels to give you a custom portrait of your favourite wildlife or pet. Art that is unique to you whether it is for yourself, a present or a memorial for a pet that has passed

My Inspiration


I find inspiration from all around me and also from the photos that you send me. The wonders of the natural world fill me with joy and I try to capture that in my drawings


Taking the perfect reference photos


The photographs I use as references in my artwork are the most important part of the drawing process. Since I work from photos, the completed portrait depends on the quality of the photos you send me.

The photo is key so please provide me with the best photos you have and try to send as many as possible. If you would like to photograph your pet specifically for a portrait here are some tips 

1. Take the photo at eye level with your pet. Photos looking down make your pet look unnatural to the eye. The best way is looking straight at you or slightly to one side.

2. Quality. The more details in a photo the better, especially key features like the eyes and nose. It is very important that the photo is sharp and in focus. I cannot work with out of focus photos.

3. Lighting. Take the photo in natural light. Never use the flash. Flash causes problems and looks very unnatural. It can mask details, causes shadows and misleading colours, and can cause the eye to glow red